Hey Zeus
Art For Blind Records

Hey Zeus, by Oranges

    Oranges are G.Duffy, M.Durnin, E.Kelly. Hey Zeus was recorded in 6 hours at North Frederick Lane, Dublin City in 2018 by Stephen Quinn.             Design & Art Work by Fault & Fold, Photographs by E.Kelly. March 2019 Art for Blind Records

Loaded with spring reverb, spoken word refrains, thrift-store instrumentation and staccato rapidfire percussion, its literal and metaphorical placement in the heart of the most bastardised part of Dublin’s identity crisis is a wonderfully appropriate move, pragmatic or not. Referential to post-punk’s golden era and deeply crucial to the now, it effortlessly breezes past the cynical attempts at authenticity of would-be flavour-of-the-month contemporaries.’
- Stevie Lennox, The Thin Air, March 2019.

‘Tag team vox on separate tracks deliver witty, sardonic, mad and intelligent rants and observations. Sang, shouted, talked and yelped. They check Clery’s clock, monopoly, surf, dole, chips, taxes, flipping burgers and washing floors, elephants and string, Johnny and 1958.

Proclaiming “Yeah I wanna know, yeah I wanna know about a string”. A ninety second, rambling one man schizoid street conversation and relevant social commentary on an ode to the brutal architecture/planning applied to the capital.’

- Garry O'Neill, Hitone Books, March 2019.